Countries and Currencies

  This table lists countries with their S.W.I.F.T. codes:
  Country Code SWIFT
  Afghanistan AFA
  Albania ALL
  Algeria DZD
  Andorra ADP
  Angola AOK
  Argentina ARA
  Aruba AWG
  Australia AUD
  Austria ATS
  Bahamas BSD
  Bahrain BHD
  Balboa PAB
  Bangladesh BDT
  Barbados BBD
  Belgium BEF
  Belize BZD
  Bermuda BMD
  Bhutan BTN
  Bolivia BOB
  Botswana BWP
  Brazil BRC
  Brunei Darussalam BND
  Bulgaria BGL
  Burma BUK
  Burundi BIF
  Canada CAD
  Cape Verde CVE
  Cayman Islands KYD
  CFP Franc XPF
  Chile CLP
  Columbia COP
  Comoros KMF
  Costa Rica CRC
  Cuba CUP
  Cyprus CYP
  Czechoslovakia CSK
  Denmark DKK
  Djibouti DJF
  Dominica DOP
  East Caribbean XCD
  East Timor TPE
  Ecuador ECS
  Egypt EGP
  El Salvador SVC
  Ethiopia ETB
  European Composite Unit XBA
  European currency Unit XEU
  European Monetary Unit XBB
  European Unit of Acc-17 XBD
  European Unit of Acc-9 XBC
  Falkland Islands FKP
  Fiji FJD
  Finland FIM
  France FRF
  Gambia GMD
  Germany DEM
  Ghana GHC
  Gibraltar GIP
  Gold XAU
  Gold-Franc XFO
  Greece GRD
  Guatemala GTQ
  Guinea GNF
  Guinea-Bissau GWP
  Guyana GYD
  Haiti HTG
  Honduras HNL
  Hong Kong HKD
  Hungary HUF
  Iceland ISK
  India INR
  Indonesia IDR
  International Monetary Fund XDR
  Iran IRR
  Iraq IQD
  Ireland IEP
  Israel ILS
  Italy ITL
  Jamaica JMD
  Japan JPY
  Jordan JOD
  Kampuchea KHR
  Kenya KES
  Kuwait KWD
  Lao LAK
  Lebanon LBP
  Lesotho LSL
  Liberia LRD
  Libya LYD
  Luxembourg LUF
  Macau MOP
  Malagasy MGF
  Malawi MWK
  Malaysia MYR
  Maldives MVR
  Malta MTL
  Mauritania MRO
  Mauritius MUR
  Mexico MXP
  Mongolia MNT
  Morocco MAD
  Mozambique MZM
  Nepal NPR
  Netherlands NLG
  Netherlands Antilles ANG
  New Zealand NZD
  Nicaragua NIC
  Nigeria NGN
  North Korea KPW
  Norway NOK
  Oman OMR
  Pakistan PKR
  Papua New Guinea PGK
  Paraguay PYG
  Peoples Republic of China CNY
  Peru PEI
  Philippines PHP
  Platinum XPT
  Poland PLZ
  Portugal PTE
  Qatar QAR
  Romania ROL
  Russia SUR
  Rwanda RWF
  Samoa WST
  Sao Tome and Principe STD
  Saudi Arabia SAR
  Seychelles SCR
  Sierra Leone SLL
  Silver XAG
  Singapore SGD
  Solomon Islands SBD
  Somalia SOS
  South Africa ZAR
  South Africa (Financial) ZAL
  South Korea KRW
  Spain ESP
  Spain (Convertible) ESB
  Sri Lanka LKR
  St. Helena SHP
  Sudan SDP
  Suriname SRG
  Sweden SEK
  Switzerland CHF
  Syria SYP
  Taiwan TWD
  Tanzania TZS
  Thailand THB
  Tonga TOP
  Transactions without currency XXX
  Trinidad and Tobago TTD
  Tunisia TND
  Turkey TRL
  UCI-Franc XFU
  Uganda UGX
  United Arab Emerites AED
  United Kingdom GBP
  United States of America(Next) USN
  United States of America USD
  Uruguay UYP
  Vanuatu VUV
  Venezuela VEB
  Vietnam VND
  Yemen YER
  Yemen, Democratic YDD
  Yugoslavia (*now not exist) YUN
  Zaire ZRZ
  Zambia ZMK
  Zimbabwe ZWD
  Swaziland SZL
  Currencies can be looked up in this compendium by using the SWIFT code or the COUNTRY name. See also

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